Join the Peace Run!



During the Peace Run The Hague, we are celebrating the fact that we are able to live in freedom and peace. Would you like to cross the finish line with a feeling of fulfillment?

In this year’s Peace Run, the participants run to collect money for children in refugee centers. Many of these children have been through terrible ordeals. To help them, UNICEF has joined forces with War Child and Save The Children. In a special project they offer children in refugee centers in The Netherlands the chance to dance, play games and enjoy sports at least once a week. This way, the children get the chance to relax and regain some balance in their lives. And once they feel safe and secure, they can start being kids again.

Would you like to add meaning to your running performance? Work yourself into a sweat for these children! Register online and get your friends and family to be your sponsors. You can also make a donation on the entry form for the Peace Run. Remember: every euro counts!

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The Hague and UNICEF believe that each and every child has the right to a carefree childhood. So much begins with a child, just give it a chance…

Would you like to make a direct donation? Click here!



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